Thursday, July 5, 2001

To be anchored to no one thing in particular must then make you relevant to all, aye? So you do not define (confine?) yourself by years, geography, knowledge, wealth, prestige -- but you have only been able to do so now that you have more than enough of each, enough so that you can now decide how much or little is important. But where were you before you had control of assets sufficient to free you from their associated ambitions and influences?--were you as certain of the core of yourself then? And, the more important corollary: where will you be when you face the total loss of your confidence-endowing wealth and power, such as when death approaches--will your identity still be as firm within yourself? Can you say for certain whether the bolsters of your identity originate mainly from within yourself, or do they support you from the outside world from which you so wish to distinguish yourself?

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