Friday, March 6, 2009

You see, the atheist derives childish reassurance from a logically unsupportable system of belief concerning the nature of existence, and in this way is no different from your average born-again Jesus-fellating Christian, secure in his “knowledge” of something that cannot be known, whereas the agnostic exhibits true intellectual fortitude through the difficult and uncomfortable acceptance of all-pervading uncertainty. The atheist mind rests untroubled in its cradle of certainty, spitting up all over logic and using rationalism as its diaper while cuddling self-satisfaction to its uncreased cheek, but the agnostic mind careens through the existential void at uncontrollable velocities in defiance of any effort to delimit what is and is not possible, demanding each viewpoint (including cherished atheism, precious and sacrosanct to the weaker minds) to prove itself, and remaining unsurprised though bemused as each fails, and the uncompromising agnostic mind rockets ever onward toward unknown destiny.

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