Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Humans dominate their entire environment; the only animals that exist within that environment are those that provide some use to the humans or those that the humans allow to remain existing. There's nothing evil in this, just as there is nothing evil or good in anything (evil and good being human conceptual constructs applied to an indifferent material universe).

However, to adjudge actions and practices in the context of what we value: the phenomenon of taking and keeping animal “pets” in the wealthy countries seems the most psychologically abhorrent of all forms of human exploitation of animals. Humans in wealthy countries physically imprison animals; forcibly and unalterably remove the animals' reproductive, defensive, and food-acquiring capacities; and compel the once independent animals to become entirely dependent upon their slave-master captors, and all so that the animals can provide some emotional gratification to these awful humans. If you're laughing then you're missing the point; there is no exaggeration here. To see people without food, and then to see fat, comfortable people giving food to animals that they keep around for emotional exploitation (because it is easier to extract emotional stimulus from a trapped and dependent animal than it is to develop and maintain emotional bonds with other free-thinking and free-acting humans), one cannot help but feel barren over the blatant and obscene lie of “human values.”

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